November 2004: on a gray day I looked at my model, ready for some time, with the inability to race because of the mud: the bodyshell was covered with stickers placed here and there, but they were all uneven and the effect was a patchwork of mismatched.

Then I thought: why can not print my decals, all the same, in the right measures and matched each other? The step from that afternoon to the birth of Maugrafix was not easy.

At that time, nobody was doing graphics for RC, there were some companies doing decals for bikes, but a company that did customizations only for RC did not exist.

Neither in Europe nor in the U.S. It seems a normal thing to talk today about custom stickers for the RC world, but at that time no one had thought of. No one in the world. Strange but true.

I had three cards to play on my side: a solid and rigorous preparation for high-end graphics, acquired from my father, massive doses of patience and tenacity, from my mother, and the decisive support of a girlfriend that immediately understood and supported me.

So I decided that it could be done.

Research into materials and production processes were the basics. Being the first project in this field was not easy: it was necessary to combine heterogeneous techniques of production and evaluate the result. Test of resistance, applicability and visibility have lasted long.

I was not afraid to start with a new project, but I feared the response of the RC people, a world so immature in terms of graphic and aesthetic.

In January 2006 I decided to invest my savings for the purchase of machinery required for the startup of The first feedback are an international success: I start work to create a series of custom decals, from the first driver names to stickers with the brands of RC industry.

Dedication, patience, love and tenacity have been the weapons to make the company grow to this day.

It's been years since the first name made for a customer (Alessandro Artusi to be precise) and the first two factory drivers: Alex Laffranchi and Joseph Quagraine.

Today decals and graphics for the RC world are an established reality.

Several companies make our jobs, and many are those who improvise graphics guru, convinced that is enough PC and a plotter to be professionals.

We have always been, for everyone. And having been the first we have acquired a know-how that is difficult to get. We have many customers in the RC world, national and international, and a wide range of products that have become veritable cult and as such are subject to a number of imitations.

But you know, those who come after can not do anything but try to chase.

Maugrafix: two laps ahead of everyone!