There is only one thing to do: to promise to yourself to be creative. Always.

For each task you have to reach the eyes and hearts of the people.
This can be done only by developing the image in the utter simplicity of purpose and always starting from the same small basic concepts: the thought, the whole picture, the taste for your life, the curious observation of the world around us .

Then, some will call you "artist" but it is a joke among friends because the term is limiting and silly if approached us and because true artists are painters, poets and comedians.
Certainly not a graphic designer, especially if they then began his career in 1994.

We just have to communicate, transmit readable data and transmit them to people in the most effective way; that's all.
And do not be fooled that it can be different because running Pindaric flights you'll get more bad results in graphics and advertising.
As far as I'm concerned about my life and I have to say I was lucky, very lucky in having a father who has always done the Graphic designers, sending me to the concepts of graphics, the real one, made with pencil and with signs that have made history. Over the years I also met people who made me fly through the air all the papers and I missed to collect them scattered around. It will take a long time to tidy up all this mess, I feel I have a lot of responsibility to this regard and I take them all. Fortunately I have a patient wife who follows me and encourages me not to give up, even when you would like to send everyone to hell.

At the end are few regrets - they are part of me - I keep them tight and do not want to forget about them.
I would like to thank who filled my soul and memory, and I would satisfy even the idea that a piece of my memory will remain in the extraordinary people that life has placed me on the path.

I love working with my heart and brain, because only then I would be able to express some flicker of creativity.